About Us

From time to time we find places which have a sort of magical feel.  When stumbling onto those spots, we are hesitant to share them with just anyone.  We want to share these spots with those who are near and dear to us.......those we know who would appreciate our special new found treasure.

This is how Grandiflora Home and Garden began.....as a special treasure where the world of today was met with the best of yesteryear.  Where folks could come and browse through many vignettes filled with wonderful home decor, vintage items and even personal accessories. 

As word slowly spread across town, county, state and even international borders, Grandiflora grew into the award winning shop that it is today over 10 years after it began as a small family owned and operated business. 

Today, Grandiflora is a destination.  A place that attracts those who want something a little bit different...pretty...and most importantly affordable.  People who don't want the same old product found in box stores; and folks who appreciate an eclectic mix.

The Grandiflora Girls know that not everyone has a shop like this just down the street, so they have decided to spread their reach and bring you Grandiflora Home: An online shop dedicated to serving you with the happy little things that make your house a home.....or complete your wardrobe with a flair!


"We are so excited to offer you many new and different options for your home and wardrobe.  Bear with us as we grow our online shop; filling it with so many lovely pieces it's sure to find it's way to the top of your favorites bar."

                        — Jan, La Von & Trisha: The Grandiflora Girls

                                                                        (mom & daughters)

Store Hours

Mon-Sat 11am - 5pm

Feel free to stop by & visit our blog at:

to keep up with all our goings on.

Also, we'd love to hear from you!!


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